Our History

2012 - 2013

Tai Tanzania was started in 2012 and registered 2013 (Reg: ooNGO/00009751). The goal was to build an animation studio with specialization in 3D graphics and comics.

Harakati za Ngeti Launched

Harakati za Ngeti; First Animation through the Amua Accelerator funded by UNFPA & Education Scholarship Program Launched.Harakati Za Ngeti Animated Series which has helped in raising awareness and changing mindsets about Sexual Reproductive Health, Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and other various issues which derail a young person’s academic journey, was found to be an effective tool to fight these challenges.

Naweza Animation Launched

Partnering up with the Tanzanian Government, and organizations like the UNFPA, UNESCO, UN Women and KOICA Tanzania, helped in taking steps forward to reduce child marriage. Child marriage is against human rights and we can protect our young girls who can move mountains from being held back as great leaders and change-makers they truly are.

Darubini Project Launched

Darubini Project first funded by Foundation For Covil Society & Partnership with Segal Family Foundation. Darubini Project aims to address Sexual and Reproductive Health issues facing adolescents such as puberty, early sexual activities, intergenerational sex, teenage pregnancy, child and forced marriage, gender-based violence (GBV) et.c. that prevent young people, especially girls from accessing education.

Mwangaza Series & Chapa Magonjwa Series Launched

Projects with UNESCO, UNICEF USA, UNFPA & USADF with the launch of Mwangaza Series & Chapa Magonjwa Series.Tai Tanzania adeptly fashioned an animated film NIVUSHE as a part of our Mwangaza Series (an animation series with key focus on people living with disabilities) to create awareness about the challenges that affect people with disabilities in order to decrease negative attitude and stigma towards people living with disabilities in Tanzania.

11 animations produced

Projects with UNFPA, HDIF & Partnership David Weekly Foundation with 11 animations produced.Writing compelling human-centred narratives and presenting them in form of 3D animations, comic strip posters and radio plays with the aim of encouraging positive social behavioural change.