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Online Portal Developer 

Terms of Reference 

Purpose of consultancy:   

Tai Tanzania creates 2D & 3D animations and other graphics content for adolescents within our community and is looking to develop an interactive online content portal that will be used by youth and stakeholders in Tanzania and across the globe to access our current and upcoming content. We share our content mainly online and make it available for use in offline or in-person means. We envision the online portal as our beneficiaries’ and stakeholders’ gateway/entry to engage with our content, learn and purchase copies of our various assets and productions. Also, the portal will be used to curate and coordinate our online community of users and effectively monitor their feedback, reach and impact. 

Type of Contract: Individual Consultant  

Supervisor: Communications and Partnerships Manager  

A. Background

Tai Tanzania a youth led organization with a vision to ensure all young people in Tanzania have equal access to education. Our belief is that education is the powerful tool that can help young people fulfil their potentials. We use storytelling to create animations which entertain and educate the community about various issues which may hinder youth from accessing and finalising their educational journey. The organisation focuses on creating environments that will foster adolescents’ access to school, since education plays a crucial role in children’s and adolescents’ future lives. Tai Tanzania was founded in 2012 and was registered 2013 (Reg: ooNGO/00009751). 

B. Overall Aim

The overall aim of this project is to create a readily accessible, functional and interactive Tai Tanzania Portal for our stakeholders to access and share our various contents, learn about key issues spotlighted by animations and share feedback with us and among each other. The portal will be used by 5 key stakeholders namely; Beneficiaries, Donors, Partners, Employees and potential Customers.

C. Specific Objectives

  • To develop a modern online platform to store and provide Tai content on-demand to our online users in an easy and fast way.  
  • To develop and online platform to curate an interactive online community that watches, uses and is impacted but our productions 
  • To develop a modern online platform to communicate the identity of Tai, programs and impact and more. 
  • To provide stakeholders with reliable information about various issues/challenges faced by youths in Tanzania and allow them to creatively contribute to solving them. 
  • To allow stakeholders to make donations to Tai Tanzania and purchase copies of digital and physical items created by Tai Tanzania through our online shop as a form of fundraising. 
  • To leverage modern technologies such as mobile and web technologies, gamification, analytics etc. to deliver Tai Tanzania productions.    


D. Scope & Modalities of Work  

We advise this process to be approached in stages. You as a consultant are advised to propose your approach to achieve the objectives. The following proposed activities are expected to be undertake within a period of 3 months. 

  • Designing of the online portal
  • Development of online portal 
  • Testing online portal 
  • Launch of online portal 
  • Monitoring and maintenance 

Additionally, the consultant will be responsible for the following: 

  • Search Engine Optimisation 
  • Alignment with Tai Tanzania’s branding guidelines 
  • Project documentation and manuals preparation 


E. Expected Deliverables 

In line with the above proposed scope of work, it is expected that deliverables would encompass the following: 

  • First draft of the online portal 
  • Final working version of the online portal 
  • Initial project scoping report along with System Requirement Specification (SRS) – One Week after commencement  
  • Creation of a user manual and provision of in-house training to Tai Tanzania staff on how to navigate both the front and backend of the portal as well as appropriate maintenance of the portal  
  • Remote periodic support for maintenance of the portal  
  • Perform other duties as may be agreed upon and/or required during the development process 


F: Qualification and Experience 

Qualification and Education 

  • University degree in IT, Communications or equivalent professional work experience in the communication area, combined with a university degree in a related field  


  • Minimum of 7 years of relevant experience with at least 5 years’ work experience in Online Portal designing, Website designing, or related works 
  • Excellent communication (oral and written) and presentation skills  
  • Exceptional applicants with less years of experience are encouraged to apply.  


  • Theoretical and practical knowledge of online platforms development and website designing 
  • Ability to explain ideas and concepts in a simple manner 
  • Proficient command of both English and Swahili 

G. Criteria for Selection

Tai Tanzania will use a combined scoring method, in which the technical proposal explaining consultant experience, approach and methodology for carrying out the required assignment and will be weighted at 100% Scoring for the technical proposal as follows: 

  • Qualification: 10 points 
  • Relevance of Experience/team: 40 points 
  • Approach to completing the assignment: 40 points 
  • Cost: 10 points 
  • Detailed budget providing the cost of the consultant’s services 
  • Resume, curriculum vitae, portfolio or bios of consultant(s)  
  • List of past clients for whom the most closely related work was conducted, indicating those who may serve as professional references with contact information 

H. Contract type and Payment Terms: This will be a lump-sum contract with the following payment schedule

  • 20% of contract amount on signing of contract 
  • 30 % of contract amount on submission and acceptance of the first draft  
  • 30% of the contract amount on submission and acceptance of the final draft. 
  • 20% after delivering the user manual and training the team on how to navigate in the back-end and front-end.  

I. Submission

Send your proposal and supporting documents to email: and cc For further questions or inquiries contact Human Resource Manager at +255(0)743 300 006. When sub your application make sure the subject on the email state: “Application for Online Portal Consultant.” The deadline for this application is 31 May 2023. 

We regret that due to the high volume of responses only short-listed candidates will be contacted.