Impactful Storytelling At its Peak in Zanzibar

Tackling all issues that hinder equal access to education is no small feat. As an impact – drive, youth-led non – governmental organization, Tai Tanzania aims for the use of innovative narratives to gradually shape positive behavioral change in education sector. 

Last week found Tai Tanzania amidst different stakeholders and young audiences in Mapinduzi Square of Zanzibar as we participated in Watoto International Film Festival, an annual film festival that presents over 50 films to students, people with disabilities, and other stakeholders in March. The festival aimed at educating and training children through films, targeting inclusivity to children with special needs as well as inspiring the children’s talents.  

Mwangaza Series: Nivushe 1 Screening at WIFF

Known for our adept investment in inspiring positive impact through Storytelling and media technology, especially in the use of 3D Animations, we showcased our content to the audience that participated, with our films Naweza and Nivushe setting smiles on the children’s faces. Naweza is a story that embarks on the struggle the young girl has as she fights for her right to study against her family wishes to marry her off to an elderly man. Child Marriages, as we know, are still rampant within our societies and Time’s story hopes to inspire young girls to fight for their right to education. Nivushe, however, reflects the challenges that people with albinism face as they strive to pursue their dreams, through the eyes of a young Njaro who aspires to be an innovator and is talented at scientific invention. 


Both films were avidly received, to our amazement. Njaro got so much recognition that the students could not resist to get another glimpse of her story. By the end of the festival, which was marked by Award Giving that was attended by The Permanent Secretary of The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar as the guest of honour, Eng. Zena Ahmed Said, we bagged three awards in the following categories: Best Animation – Naweza, Best Production – Nivushe and Best Character – Njaro

Tai Studio Sound Engineer
Tai Tanzania Finance Manager
In regards to the wins, the team had much to say. “Creating animations, usually takes an ample amount of machinery space and effort as well, so it’s safe to say the efficiency in its production is a result of a collaborative teamwork in ensuring the production timeline and quality is intact,” said our Producer and Director, Gwamaka Mwabuka. The animators too weren’t left out. “The presence of a best performing reference video often helps in the production of the animations. We are so thrilled to know that despite the technical challenges that we face, we are still able to submit our content, and they’re so loved by the society,” our animator Witness Adam commented. 

It is illuminating to know that innovative narratives are at the peak of transforming our societies, and Tai Tanzania is intent on using impactful storytelling for Social Change.