Darubini Project

Darubini project focuses on tackling challenges including teenage pregnancy, child marriage, Gender-Based Violence (GBV) that prevent young people, especially girls, from accessing education. This project aims at reducing the rate of teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections incidence amongst adolescents girls and boys found in underprivileged secondary schools. Darubini Project holds to the belief that discussion regarding SRH is crucial in bringing about behavioral change among adolescents who are found within school environments. Currently, less than 50% of government schools in Tanzania provide any sort of comprehensive sexuality education and only 25.8% of government schools have one or more teachers who are trained to provide health and reproductive education (United Republic of Tanzania, 2017). This is empty space of knowledge is one that Tai Tanzania seeks to address.

For the year 2021, Tai Tanzania produced 6 animations, 6 radio dramas, and 4 comic posters. These contents tackled different topics on SRH and were disseminated in different regions within Tanzania. The content includes; Shujaa which reflects Gender-based Violence, Naweza reflects Child marriage, Zungumza reflects teenage pregnancy, Sichukuli poa reflects HIV-AIDS, Bonde reflects Gender-based violence and Kichanga reflects teenage pregnancy.