Empowering the girl child in the digital generation

On the International Day of the Girl Child, we celebrate young girls worldwide, hoping to empower them to be just as courageous to take that step in achieving their dreams. Gone are the days where opportunity for growth and talent is favored and provided only to the boy. In this current world, girls are as equal as boys, in accessing education, taking leadership and professions that were once unavailable for them. On 11th October 2021, the commemoration of the day of the girl child was prepared by the collaboration of various stakeholders under the lead of Bright Jamii Initiative and was held at Hyatt Regency Dar es Salaam with the attendance of important stakeholders like the Ministry of Health, international organizations like UNFPA, Plan International Tanzania, Save the Children, and many other advocating organizations that support the girl child. The theme this year, “Digital generation. Our generation”, inspires the need for girls’ empowerment in the digital world that we currently live in. As advocates and stakeholders of the girl child’s future, it is important to delve into how we can encourage the young girl access to opportunities be just as equal as the young boy as we transition into a digital realm. We had the honour of screening our innovative short film Nivushe, a story about a young girl with albinism, Njaro, a dreamer and innovator who pursues her goals in a challenging community. The commemoration included a panel discussion amongst different stakeholders on acknowledging the challenges the girl child faces as well as the importance of creating safe environment for young girls to explore the digital space, the opportunities the girl child can tap into and how to equally accommodate these girls in the digital era. The guest of honour was the Deputy Minister of Health, Hon. Mwanaidi Ally Khamis encouraged on the need to invest our efforts on ensuring young girls have just as much privilege on the digital age. Tai Tanzania was not left behind in the commemoration. The Chairperson of the Children’s Council Tanzania, Nancy, urged the government to keep improving digital services, especially for the girl child by empowering her access to tools like smartphones and laptops which will help her to study. Dear Girl Child, this is a digital generation and you are our generation!